A New Era of School Bus Safety

    Our mission is to safeguard those we hold most precious -- our children. That remains a constant in the story of the Safe Arrival Bar. And it is a story that is always evolving. As we stay abreast of changes in the industry we are engaged in ongoing research and development.

    We know from the inside out that the Safe Arrival Bar is a solid, safe, sensible product. It comes with a five-year warranty.

    Of all the logical and practical reasons there are to embrace the Safe Arrival Bar, there's only one that matters... it's the right thing.

The First Step to an Education is Getting There Safely.

  • Developed, patented, and tested over 20 years
  • In compliance with applicable federal standards
  • Student and bus driver friendly
  • Easy to monitor for the driver inside the bus
  • Easy to monitor for anyone outside the bus
  • Easy access, easy exit. Riders are contained but not confined.
  • Affordable financing available
  • Five-year warranty


The ABCs of Bus Safety

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